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Dicope Soul Bracelets with a very special mision !

dicope soul bracelet

dicope soul charity bracelets

Today I want to tell you about the mision my new Dicope Soul Bracelets have and my Dream for them!

The Dicope Soul Bracelet are a New design that represents the essence of Dicope Bisuteria with a trendy and stackable new way to wear beadwork bracelets ! The long chain allows for many sizes and gives a fun touch ! Wear several of them together and collect them All !


dicope soul bracelet

I’m making so may of this bracelets and I love them so much that I called them the Soul of my brand ! Yes ! That’s how much I love them ! And because I also want to help make the world a better place for each Dicope Soul Bracelet sold I donate 5$ to Sanctuary for Kids a charitable foundation that helps improve the lives of children around the world who need protection and are in crisis !

dicopebisuteria soul bracelets

Why I choose this charity ? I love the way they share news of all the charities they help , ensure that 100% of the money donated goes directly to the children and encourage everyone to raise money for the kids ^^

I also Love this quote “Imagine a day when every child, in every village, in every town, in every hamlet, in every city, in the world, is safe, cared for and protected.” My dream is that one day every Child has a place they can be Safe !

You can visit their website here :

My goal is to rise up to 1000$ ! Do you think I will make it ? And my big dream would be to rise up to 10000$ !!  I would love to help make the lives af all those children much better doing what I love the most ! Yes !!! Making bracelets !


Pulsera Alma de Dicope en Azul Marino


Today I wanted to share this with You because the more people that know the closer we will be to that dream ! If  You like You can Help sharing this post in Pinterest , Facebook and Twitter !

Or You can Buy the Dicope Soul Bracelets in my shop !


Do You like them ?? Which One would You Keep ?

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