PreOrder! Custom Pets Birthday Planner Stickers Kit of 3



The New Custom Birthday Pets Collection kit is here! Imagine your own adorable pets in a stickers kit? :) You can now make it true with this very special kit!

Sticker KITS for happy planner classic or erin condren standart sizes


Here You can order:

12$ the sticker kit (3 sheets + 1 mini deco of your pet)

9.5$ The custom artwork for your pet (look for best prices if you have more pets and contact me if you have more than 4 pets) You will also be able to shop single sheets of your pet after the artwork is done!


How to Order:

>> You have to add to the cart to shop the full kit (3 sheets) 12$ + your pet artwork (from 9.5$)

If you Already ordered the artwork of your PET before or in the past ONLY order the kit!

if you have several pets but want a kit for each birthday order a 12$ kit for each pet, if you have several pets but want them all in 1 kit , just order one

How will this work?

>>> I will contact you to confirm your order and I will need a few (3 or 4) great quality photos of your pet . We will talk about your ideas for the kit , I will create the artwork and you will get to aprove it! ;) These may take a few weeks and I will tell you when I will be able to finish and ship your unique kit

♥ All stickers are made in matte paper!

♥ PREORDER OPEN NOW FOR CUSTOM KITS they will ship between may 27th to june 30th more custom spots will open SOON! ;)

♥ Please note my style is watercolor + pencils but Im NOT a profesional portrait artist and it will look similar to your pet , but it may not be perfect!

♥ Please Note Custom Artwork Its much more expensive than this!(About 10 times more expensive!) I added very afordable prices because I really want to do this, but I wont be able to take a lot of orders and It will take time to do them ! Also in the future I may have to stop doing this if I get too busy in my shop! So take advantage now!

♥ I will still own All the rights on The artwork created for you!

♥ I will take the liberty to cancel the transaction+ refund at any time if I see myself unable to work with you or not create the artwork that you desire (I hope it wont happen ;) )

♥ NEW!  If YOU had ordered a pet kit in the past you can order it again , just select the 12$ kit! And let me know you want it again! Soon more options coming up for past custom pets customers ;)

Here You have the 3 sheets kit that has 92 beautiful watercolored stickers that include 8 deco boxes (for classic size happy planner that allows space for headers or erin condren/recollections vertical planners ) 20 headers , 4 half boxes, 1 weekly goals boxes and 59 lovely functional + decor stickers!