Oops Stickers Mystery Grab Bag Stickers


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New Oops Stickers Bags in my shop! Oops stickers are a mix of 5 sticker sheets of different sizes and misfits like miscuts stickers , quality printting problems or sticker papers that I dont sell anymore! Theres a mix of glossy and matte stickers in each, most of the big sized stickers bags

>>> Theres 4 different options for you!

The Mixed sheets stickers comes with 3 full size stickers(Size 4,3 x 6,8 inch) and 2 smaller ones (Size 3,3 x 4,1 inches)

The Xmas themed one comes with at least 3 full size stickers(Size 4,3 x 6,8 inch) and 2 smaller ones (Size 3,3 x 4,1 inches) and they are most of them (maybe winter) christmas stickers

The Mini Sheets are 5 all Size 3,3 x 4,1 inches aprox.

The Hobonichi sheets stickers comes with 5 matte stickers , 3 of them in my hobo weeks size and 2 in hobo extra size

I tryed to create this bags with stickers that coordinate with each other!

♥ IMPORTANT! If you get a lot of them you will find some repeats! I will try not to send you repeats , but to be sure try to not get more than 2 of the mixed sheets and 1 of the xmas or mini sheets!


>>> Why purchase oops stickers? They are always a surprise and a really great deal for You! All my oops bags come with a mix of misfits so only a few of the stickers may be unusable but the rest look almost perfect!

♥ These bags are a great demostration of how much I care for the quality and perfection of each one of my stickers, I only want to send them perfect, but I know some of you will still get to love these not so perfect ones! ;)