Custom Ask Your Own Animal crossing Stickers


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New Watercolor Animal Crossing inspired villagers Planner Stickers for You! You can ask your own , I have painted a few but theres hundreds of them so If your favourite villager isnt painted yet I can DO IT FOR YOU


Custom Villagers may take a little longer to create (usually 3 weeks) UPON ORDER YOU will have to tell me the name of the character and send me a photo or pic of it! Please take in mind villagers change names in different languages and other countries ;) I will be happy to paint your favorite villager for you and make a sheet of just that character ;)

You can see the ones I have made here :

Or shop a mix of villagers here :

You can get them in matte paper ONLY

♥ Sheet Size 3,3 x 4,1 inches

♥ Get this stickers and Make Things Happen!